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Why is Half an Orange becoming a music label?
You can read our reasoning in the initial announcement here.

What is the Half an Orange music label called?
GWAVA by Half an Orange (or GWAVA for short)

When will the Half an Orange music label launch?
GWAVA by Half an Orange is launching today. The first single, "agua" is from Michael's new solo project, "before saudade".

What genre will the label GWAVA by Half an Orange release?
Melodic House, Progressive House, and Indie Electronic. It will feel similar to the original Half an Orange duo’s music with a splash of new production style’s we have been developing.

What artists will be on the label?
GWAVA by Half an Orange will start small, focusing on new music from Michael’s solo project, before saudade, and then releasing music from a small roster of artists. We want to work out any issues with the label through our own music before releasing other artists.

Where did the name GWAVA come from?
It is a re-spelling of the fruit Michael grew up eating in Brazil called Guava in English. The name Half an Orange is also Brazilian, and fruit based, so we wanted the new label’s name to feel part of that world.

Why not call the label “Half an Orange”?
We wanted a new name (in front of “by Half an Orange”) to signify to fans the new era of the project. If you continue calling it Half an Orange then that is ok :)

So there is a duo, Half an Orange, and their label, GWAVA?
No. There are not two projects. There is one project. The one project is a music label called GWAVA by Half an Orange. We assume fans will call it either GWAVA or Half an Orange for short, but they’re all one music label.

Will the original duo of Michael and Andrew still release music together?
Our focus is on the new music for the label, which will mostly be from our respective solo acts and other artists. That being said, in addition to singles, the label will be releasing compilation albums. We want each compilation album to include a song that Andrew and Michael make together to celebrate the original duo.

Will the original duo of Michael and Andrew tour together?
No. However, Michael’s solo act, before saudade, is hoping to be a touring act. He will incorporate some original Half an Orange duo songs into his solo act sets.

When will Michael’s solo act tour?
We don’t know yet. The act is brand new and will take some time to build demand with promoters for shows.

Will Half an Orange continue releasing on Monstercat, CHOMPO, or other music labels?
Half an Orange is now a music label. The Half an Orange brand won’t release new music outside of the GWAVA by Half an Orange music label. We will however still support Half an Orange records already released through other labels.

Will Michael’s solo act, before saudade, release on other labels?
Michael’s solo act, before saudade, will focus on releases through GWAVA by Half an Orange but may release on third party labels too.

Where can I follow Michael’s solo act?
The Half an Orange socials (now branded GWAVA by Half an Orange) will promote it. You can also follow before saudade's social accounts here

Will Andrew also have a solo act?
Though his main role will be running the label, Andrew will also release music under his new solo act, called Andrew Spellman, through the label.

Will this impact any Half an Orange merchandise, vinyls, or digital downloads I purchased?

Will this impact Half an Orange’s Spotify and other DSPs?
No. All our music is still on Spotify and other DSPs with the same songs, playlists, access, and album covers. New songs signed to GWAVA by Half an Orange will often be tagged to the Half an Orange Spotify to help said song reach a larger audience (meaning if you follow our Half an Orange Spotify you’ll see when the label releases new music).

Will this impact Half an Orange’s socials?
No. Continue following the same Half an Orange social media accounts.

Will Michael still be involved with 4th Level Management and CHOMPO.
Yes. Nothing will change with either role.

Will this impact my Half an Orange NFTs?
No. Read our Half an Orange NFT post here

How do I submit music to the label, GWAVA by Half an Orange?
Email us at

How can I support GWAVA by Half an Orange, Michael, and Andrew?
Keep listening to and sharing our music. Your support has been incredible already.

Who do I contact for business opportunities?

Still confused?
Don’t worry. We’re going to make this transition super easy. Just sit back, keep following our socials and music platforms, and enjoy the new music from GWAVA by Half an Orange.


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