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GWAVA by Half an Orange

During the COVID lockdowns, our musician friends were struggling. They came to us for guidance on how to stay afloat while the world and the music industry shut down.

We discovered a lot about ourselves, growing as artists and people. We also grew as a family. Andrew and his wife had their first child together and are expecting a second.

One thing we learned is that we have as much passion for helping musicians as we do making music for ourselves. Another thing we learned is that Andrew, with his new family, preferred being at home with them and inviting musicians to come work in our studio, instead of being on the road to perform live.

After the lockdowns, Michael was still wanting to tour and travel to discover new music but didn’t feel right performing as Half an Orange without Andrew. Michael respected and appreciated Andrew's inability to travel due to Andrew’s growing family and the time it took to support the musician’s that had become dependent on Half an Orange.

We have come up with a solution that allows us to continue helping musicians, allows Andrew to spend more time with his family, and allows Michael the freedom to travel to perform music and discover new acts.

Moving forward, Half an Orange is growing to become a boutique music label focused on developing and nurturing artists.

The label is called GWAVA by Half an Orange.

Andrew will mentor the creative development of every record and musician signed.

Michael will travel to find new musicians as the label’s A&R, and Michael will create his own touring solo act, called “before saudade”, that will release songs on the new label.

The first release, água de beber, is out tonight at midnight (October 18th) and available to stream on all platforms. Stream here

We know this is a lot to take in. We appreciate your patience. We can’t wait to take this journey together.

Head to our FAQ for more information.

Andrew Spellman & Michael Maloof
Mostly We Grow


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