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Before you worry, your Half an Orange NFTs will not be impacted by the duo transitioning to a label.

Your current NFTs made by the original Half an Orange duo (Andrew and Michael) are safe.

These NFTS include: Mark Twain (RELICSxyz), Scared (RELICSxyz), Moondance (RELICSxyz), Time Travel Kool Aid (RELICSxyz), champagne & cocaine (, the first show on the blockchain - non fungible oranges (bitski), universe lake (bitski), orange start (bitski), whale juice (bitski), p juice (bitski), orange juice (bitski), fish juice (bitski), lord citrus (reddit avatar), ollie the octopus (reddit avatar), Half an Orange (reddit avatar), and the Pinaverse Pineapples and Pinaverse Juice.

Any rewards, benefits, utility, or royalties from the NFTs listed above will continue as before.

Though Half an Orange is expanding to become a music label, we have not ruled out doing more NFTs together under the Half an Orange brand.

Mostly We Grow <3

How do I claim my free Mostly We Grow vinyl using my NFT?
Email us at

Will I still receive the same royalties for my champagne and cocaine NFTs on royal?

Why is Half an Orange becoming a music label?
You can read our reasoning in the initial announcement here.

Will Half an Orange release more RELICS on RELICSXYZ?
Any songs already released as Half an Orange through Monstercat remain eligible to become RELICS on RELICSxyz.


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